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Surfing Lessons

Different options are available: day, week or weekend.

Surfing, a state of mind, a complete sport and fun!

In full expansion, surfing is both a complete sport and a state of mind offering multiple sensations.

The objective of the school is to allow you to optimize your pleasure with a concern of energy saving. For that, Soul Surfing Skol focuses its teaching on the knowledge of the environment and the technique.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, the school will do everything in its power to help you progress as quickly as possible. All the instructions will be adapted to your way of evolving. Your position in the water will be decisive to catch a lot of waves while saving yourself as much as possible. The purpose of surfing being to surf smooth waves (the slope and not the foam), we will try to place ourselves accordingly, from your first steps and following the conditions.
Sessions generally take place as follows : 
Familiarization, analysis of the site, weather conditions of the day, identification of various dangers, identification of a safe area.
Warm-up, practice and feedback.


Benefits of Surfing


The need to understand how water works, the placement to have, the evolution of the conditions to better choose your waves, as well as the wave reading will require an extreme concentration which will take over the daily worries and will help you to clear your mind.


In addition to allowing you to recharge your batteries in wide open spaces particularly charged with iodine, surfing will offer you many benefits for the body and mind. Thanks to this sport, you will be able to improve your physical condition, perfect your knowledge of your body schematics and work different layers of muscles, your heart, your proprioception, your coordination and your shaping. The efforts during a session are comparable to a long-distance race (paddling to move and get to the open sea), sprinkled with explosivity during wave starts. You will learn to develop rowing power. After your sessions, you will have a feeling of fulfillment thanks to the endorphins released by your body during the physical efforts.

Sea Sense

In addition to the technical aspects, you will approach a more theoretical aspect through a marine environment that you will learn to understand: locating dangerous streams, areas suitable for the activity, understanding the influence of the marine topography on the shape of the waves, their breaking and the different streams, analyzing the weather conditions and looking for your spot accordingly … Depending on your level and your needs, you will find spots all over the world, in seas and oceans (whether you prefer big waves or small ones, hollow or flat ones, etc…) according to an orientation, a size, a swell period and a wind direction.


Surfing is also an art. Moving on the board and expressing yourself through your trajectories and style. Once you have acquired the basic techniques and a good understanding of the choice of waves to ride, you will be able to start to express what you feel inside through a body attitude, it will be your style…

Surf Courses

Different options are available : 
surfing lessons à la carte, weekly surfing courses
surf training, surf or bodyboard rental, etc…

In French or in English, surfing lessons take place over two hours.

From beginners to advanced surfers, you will be accompanied whatever your age.

Several options are available depending on your level and your needs.

The sessions generally take place as follows :
Getting to know each other (name, first name, age, level, sports generally practiced, job, particular problems).
Analysis of the weather conditions of the site, identification of the various dangers,

Identification of a safe area.
Warm-up, practice and feedback.
Several options are offered according to your wishes.

A bit of history

Around 1900, surfing reappeared in Hawaii and soon crossed the borders thanks to Duke Kahanamoku who was a gold medalist at the 1912 and 1920 Olympic Games and several times silver medalist at the 1924 Olympic Games.

He strongly contributed to make his art known through exhibitions in the United States, Australia and even in Biarritz. Jack London was fascinated by this practice and wrote many articles about this activity, thus making this sport known in Australia, the United States and throughout the world.

A bit of history

Around 1930, new manufacturing techniques and new types of wood made it possible to lighten the boards and contributed to the democratization of the sport. The 30’s saw the appearance of the first Big Wave Rider.

A bit of history

Around 1950 (the post-war period) the appearance of composite materials considerably lightened the surfboards and contributed once again to popularize the activity. The appearance of the single fin (board with only one drift) allows a different approach, the trajectories evolve.

In 1960 surfing exploded. The appearance of magazines and films everywhere made it known to the general public. The term Soul Surfing appeared with the arrival of surfers who avoided crowded spots in search of new playgrounds (e.g. Miki Dora).

A bit of history

Then the 70s marked the “short board revolution” with the appearance of the thin twin and the shortboard. Boards were getting shorter and shorter, and trajectories were evolving thanks to the drifts. We no longer surf the board on the wave but the wave with the board. It is also the years when Soul Surfing really develops. This spiritual and philosophical concept defines this discipline in its purest form.

The Soul Surfer lives and breathes by and for this sport and its quintessence. Fleeing the surfing system, in search of the dream spot, it is at this time that many current world class spots were found such as, Uluwatu in Bali or Anchor point in Morocco … exceptional waves rolling over hundreds of meters.

A bit of history

Surfing has become more and more popular over the last few years and is becoming accessible to a larger number of people, thanks to the appearance of surf schools all over the world.

The Soul Surfing Skol strives to respect and perpetuate the original values of surfing through a respectful and passionate teaching, referring in particular to the Soul Surfer spirit.