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Surf in Brittany,
Land and Ocean of Character

Brittany is a history and an experience with the ocean. A Celtic land located on a peninsula with a specific geographical and cultural entity, its own language, cuisine and architecture. 

Brittany is a contrasted and particular atmosphere, legends, torn coasts, elements more than present that invite to adventure and discovery. Pure swells coming from the Atlantic Ocean finish their course on a coastline dotted with creeks and rocky plateaus on which a multitude of possibilities will be offered to the surfer who has chosen to come and rub shoulders with them.
To surf here is to have the feeling of living the beginnings of surfing in France, a return to the sources.
Surfing in Brittany is like a trip back in time, going back to a time when the coasts were not or hardly urbanized.
This is where nature has kept its rights, the colors catch our eye, the air is full of iodine … everything invites us to respect nature and to feel great.

Surfing in Brittany has nothing to envy to surfing in the South West. The richness of the landscapes and the culture of the region make it an ideal destination, more authentic, preserved and wild than its neighboring Landes.
The Breton coastlines stretch over 2470km, which is one third of the coastline of mainland France. The “sentier des douaniers” or GR34 will allow you to walk along the coast on 1700 km. So don’t forget to bring your surfboard and good walking shoes!


Surfing in Audierne Bay, a State of Mind

The Soul Surfing Skol welcomes you in the bay of Audierne in Finistère, between the Pointe du Raz and the Torche. Here you are between the chaussée de Sein and the pointe de Penmarc’h in the Mer d’Iroise. A fishing land that young people are reclaiming through various and varied nautical activities.

Already very famous in the world of sailors, it has seen the birth of some great windsurfers and is recognized as a mecca for surfing with spots of all kinds.
The Trépassées bay also welcomes many surfers in all seasons.
More preserved and wild, the spots located in the hollow of the bay of Audierne are multiple, exceptional and practiced throughout the year by local surfers or visitors.
Surfing here transcends social boundaries: fishermen, sailors, craftsmen, doctors, veterinarians, salesmen, market gardeners, engineers, all meet at the water. Some of those you will meet in the water have been surfing for over 40 years. Others for less than 2 months. It’s not about style or surfing brands but about a state of mind, a real lifestyle.
With the popularity of this new destination, it is important to try to be careful and respectful of other surfers, especially the locals, like anywhere else. Remember to say hello when you get in the water, don’t land at fifteen, remember to wait your turn and make sure that nobody is on the wave you are about to surf.
The multitude of spots means that you will often have to surf in small groups, all the more reason to be attentive to everyone’s pleasure.
Align end to end a whole set of parameters such as coefficients, tides, orientation and size of swell, strength and direction of wind, period without forgetting a thorough knowledge of the surrounding topography etc. … and you may be able to find the spot of happiness … do not worry we are here for you.

Surf School’s Practice Spots

Gwendrez Beach in Plouhinec,
cove of turquoise water
and white sand

Gwendrez beach in Plouhinec in Cap Sizun, a surfer’s paradise, has no equal in the summer with its blue lagoon waters, its breaking waves, its preserved environment, a stone’s throw from the prehistoric sites of Menez Drégan and the small port of Pors Poulhan. It has obtained the Blue Flag label for the quality of its water and the Handiplage label for its facilities. The beach is supervised from July to August. This surf spot works at low tide and presents perfectly breaking waves.
An exceptional spot for long boarding in small swells, it becomes a playground for experienced surfers, even experts in search of wild and tubular spots.

Plovan Beach – Ru Vein, beach as far as the eye can see in a green oasis

The beach of Ru vein in Plovan, which stretches from Penhors to Tréogat, is a large beach in an environment of wild and preserved plain. Here, the horizon is very clear thanks to a very low relief. Large meadows and infinite landscapes make the happiness of cows, geese, gulls, etc… and of our eyes.
Very well exposed spot because of its orientation, it allows to catch the slightest swell in summer and works at all tides. It is the deserted spot par excellence. The beach is supervised from July to August.
Every summer, you will find there for more than 10 years the Soul Surfing Skol, near the first aid post. We receive you there for the inscriptions, the surfing lessons or the rent of surfboards, bodyboard or wetsuits.

Douarnenez Beach,
Its beach cabins and its breathtaking view of the city, the port of Rosmeur and Crozon

A short distance away, the Ris beach, in the bay of Douarnenez, offers a completely different landscape with a marked relief, in a city and port environment. The beach cabins on its borders give it a unique charm, projecting us into the recent history of the resort.
The Ris beach is a perfect spot for days of heavy swell with a south wind because its geographical configuration protects it. You will surf with a unique view on the port of Rosmeur and Crozon, in ideal conditions. The beach is also supervised during July and August. On the other hand, this spot requires consistent swells. It is often necessary to wait for the first long swells of mid-August to have a chance to ride it.

And more spots…

The other spots on which we will be brought to evolve remain occasional and will come in complement of the places previously mentioned. The parameters to surf there are different as well as the conditions and landscapes. Some will remind you of Sri Lanka with its round rocks polished by successive swells and winds. Others, sheltered from the bad weather as if it had stopped, will remind you of a comic strip with surprising colors and omnipresent greenery. Maybe you’ll have the opportunity to discover reef waves perfectly adapted for a first time, or beaches untouched by any surfer just waiting to be the scene of your happiness.

Whatever the spots on which you will have the chance to evolve, you will feel particular emotions linked to a unique atmosphere emanating from each site: wild, steep, luminous or misty, windy or icy, consistent or more peaceful.

Les spots de pratique de l’école de surf

Quel que soient les spots sur lesquels vous aurez la chance d’évoluer, vous ressentirez des émotions particulières liées à une ambiance unique se dégageant de chaque site : sauvage, escarpé, lumineux ou brumeux, venté ou glacis, consistant ou plus calme.